About marBella6

Welcome to magnificent Spain and to our Danish inspired apartments, located mostly in Marbella, one of the oldest towns on the costal line of Costa Del Sol. Marbella is an amazing town, where crazy builders during the 1960 and 1970 bribed, lie and cheat them self to contracts in order to build one huge ugly building after another on the costal line. If they did’t get the contract, the build during the night or bribed someone a little more.

If one brave fisherman or old farmer refused to sell his ancient farmhouse or family land, he did’t get shot ohhh no, the builders were much much more crafty and sophisticated down here! They would just buy the neighbor land and build another huge crooked building trowing shade on the farmers house – but we all know that farmers are the backbone in every society and like anywhere else in the world, they did’t just give up and surrender… – and today it is in those small farmhouses that you’ll find the best bars and Spanish tapas restaurants in town – in other words: This city is the last boundary of the real European Wild Wild West with all it’s history and we are fortunate enough to resident here!

We do however sometimes miss Denmark ohhh so much, down here in the city of eternal sunshine, so last year we decided to find a little bit of Danish summer and winter, in Spain. That search lead us on a 2 hour car drive from Marbella, up in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, into Sierra Nevada National Park and Ski Resort.

That is where you’ll find our hidden gem, a small apartment in an old mountain town. It is an amazing place for hiking, biking, tanning or just enjoying the nature and fresh hot mountain air in the summer time. In the winter it is one of the few places in Spain, actually covered in enough snow for real snow-nerds to come out of their caves and unpack their ski and snowboards. It’s cold and snow and frosty just like little old Denmark!

Whatever you are into – we WELCOME you to our homes!