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Got a parking ticket in Marbella?

Have you been so unfortunate and received a little white slip, stuck under your windshield, also known as a parking ticket in Marbella? Well that is annoying, but in Marbella it is so, that if you pay the parking tickets before it is send to the address where the car is registered at, it will be […]

Avoid getting a parking ticket in Marbella

If you want to avoid getting parking tickets in the future,  you can download this app for smartphones which the City of Marbella uses – it is good for both iPhones and Android. Only catch with this one is, that it is not all countries App Stores which can download the app – in 2014 […]

El Rocío – Marbella

Every year, in the weeks up to the seventh sunday after Easter (ending on Pentecost Monday) a small village in the Huelva- province named El Rocío is filled with millions of millions of pilgrims from all across Spain and abroad. It is the start of the biggest Pilgrim walk in Spain. But since not everybody […]

St. Patricks Festival in Marbella

In 2013 the Irish community of Marbella finally stuck their heads together and decided that Marbella should not be without a Saint Patricks Day Festival! When they can color the river of Chicago Emerald Green each year, Marbella can at least have a St. Patricks Festival, and so it happend that St. Patricks Festival in […]

Ralli Museum, Marbella – Spain

Harry Recanati, the founder of the 5 Ralli Museums in the world, was born in Salonika, Greece in 1919. He made his fortune by becoming a banker at age 26, after his fathers death. The first Ralli Museum was build in Punta del Este (Uruguay) the second in Santiago de Chile (Chile) After that the next […]

Tourist Informations in Marbella

There are several Tourist Informations in and around Marbella, here is a overview with map, addresses and opening hours (summer/winter) If you find that there are changes in the information we have provided, please leave us a comment so we can check up on it. Tourist Information on The Oranges Square Tourist Information Plaza de […]

Transportation to Marbella from Malaga Airport.

If you fly into Malaga Airport (Airport Code: AGP) there are several ways to get airport transfer from the airport to Marbella – and of course the price varies depending of what kind of transportation you choose. Airport Bus  The cheapest way, is to take the Airport Bus. It is parked right outside the terminal […]

MarBella6 Car rental

We are probably the most unlucky people, when it comes to the rental car lottery! Every single time it says “Fiat Panda or similar” we always get a old Fiat Panda with no engine and we are to this day still wondering what type of car a “or similar” is? That’s why we have decided […]

The Orange Square in Marbella’s Old Town

Visitors who arrive to the Old Town of Marbella for the first time, might be really surprised when they see a the square and the quarters around. Not often is it possible to see a modern and viral city like Marbella making such a gentle combination with the old part of town. Turn the corner […]

King Abdulaziz Mosque in Marbella

Just along the Highway N-340 in Marbella, out on Golden Mile you’ll see this stunning Mosque built by Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia, as the first mosque to be build after the Christians recaptured Spain in the fifteenth century and subsequent expulsion of the Moors from the Spanish continent. The mosque was build to attend all […]