Got a parking ticket in Marbella?

Have you been so unfortunate and received a little white slip, stuck under your windshield, also known as a parking ticket in Marbella?



Well that is annoying, but in Marbella it is so, that if you pay the parking tickets before it is send to the address where the car is registered at, it will be reduced with 50% from the original 50€ to 25€. Now that is good news!

Only thing is, that it’s a bit of a long process, so get it done early in the morning and follow these steps. Each link contains a picture that links to the explanation:

  1. Take the slip to Avenida Ricardo Soriano 68. On the corner of the building you will see big blue signs with white writing where it says “Diputación de Málaga – Patronato de Recadacion”. There is parking outside the building, if you can not find any free spots, you can park at the underground parking at the supermarket Mercadona, which is just next door (almost)
  2. In August 2016 the opening hours were like this: 09.00 am to 13.30pm. (If you find that they have changed, please let me know, by sending an update to Come early as the queue can get quite long during the daytime.
  3. When you get inside, you have to get a number from the number machine on the left hand of the entrance. Choose the second option from the top, which is “Atención Integral”
  4. When it is your turn, you will get 2 pieces of papers, which you then need to take to the bank, to pay. And it can not be any bank, there is a list of banks on the papers, which you can choose from. On the 2 pieces of paper you can now see, that your ticket have been reduced to 25€ – however you still have to pay this in the bank within 4 days, or it will be invalid and you will be back to the 50€.
  5. If you go to the BBVA Bank, you can pay the ticket directly in the ATM machine by the entrance. There is a BBVA Bank on Plaza de Africa, in the Old Town (easy walking access) You can of course also use one of the other banks listed on the papers, however please note that some of the banks have quirky rules for when you can pay (between this and this hour or only on tuesdays etc.)


If you find any of this above information to be outdated or incorrect, feel free to send me a quick email on, so I can update it asap. (Updated on May 2rd 2018)

Avoid getting a parking ticket in Marbella

If you want to avoid getting parking tickets in the future,  you can download this app for smartphones which the City of Marbella uses – it is good for both iPhones and Android.


Only catch with this one is, that it is not all countries App Stores which can download the app – in 2014 it was only if you had access to the Spanish App Store. In 2016 you can also download it from the Danish App Store and perhaps other.

Once downloaded – you have to registre as a user. That again can be a bit tricky, as you need to have a DNI/CIF/NIE number, which again eliminates (most) tourists as users. The entire app and set-up is in Spanish, so if you are not able to read through the app, I would recommend to sit in front of a computer with google translate open.

I used 28 minutes to download and registre (with a NIE) and still I did not manage to get the app working – but I do know people who use it – and I use other parking apps on a regular basic, just not in Marbella or in Spain, so if you can get it up and running, it is really useful.

App Store

It takes quite some time to open, after it have been downloaded.

It takes quite some time to open, after it have been downloaded.

Got this far? Now you have to registre your car and then your credit card.

Got this far? Now you have to registre your car and then your credit card.

If you like me, have given up on this parking app, you can park for free at some designated areas in Marbella, take a look here.

Just follow the signs

Hiking La Concha

If you need a break from the beach and want to do something different a hike to the top of La Concha is a beautiful but also tough alternative. La Concha rise more than 1200m right ‘behind’ Marbella and is a part of Sierra Blanca, a mountain group just outside the limits of the Natural Park of Sierra de las Nieves. La Concha is a rough mountain with exposed ridges, vertical walls and a rocky summit, which offers many interesting routes to the more demanding mountain hiker. The route is marked and especially the last part is quite tough – some might call it dangerous. But there is no need to hike all the way out to the end of the peak to enjoy the spectacular view of Marbella and the Mediterranean Sea.

As mentioned it’s a tough hike and you must remember plenty of water (min. 2 l. pr. person) and set aside at least 6 hours for the full hike. The hike is almost 15 km long and the elevation is close to 1 km.

The hike starts at ‘Refugio de Juanar’ where there also is a small hotel, El Juanar, with a nice little restaurant serving traditional Spanish food. To reach Refugio de Juanar you need to take road A-355, which connects Marbella with Ojén and Monda. You will see a sign for a small mountain road (MA-469) leading to ‘Refugio de Juanar’. Here you’ll park your can and start the hike for the top. There’s also a number of other routes in the area for you to enjoy or you can just take a stroll in the area and have a nice traditional dinner at ‘El Juanar’. It might be tough Hiking La Concha but we promise it’s worth the effort.

Starting point

Hike info

Here’s all the details including the route. You might want to install Every Trail on your phone to follow our route.



El Rocío – Marbella

Every year, in the weeks up to the seventh sunday after Easter (ending on Pentecost Monday) a small village in the Huelva- province named El Rocío is filled with millions of millions of pilgrims from all across Spain and abroad. It is the start of the biggest Pilgrim walk in Spain.

But since not everybody can go to the city of El Rocío, most towns and villages has its own pilgrimages, where they celebrate their own local Saint, Virgin or Local figure, today it is in Marbella (June 3rd 2014)

The festival is ending on Monday June 9th (2014) which is also known as Pentecost Monday.

If you want to read more about El Rocío in general and see the dates for each year, you can always look at this website .

In Marbella, the day started with cannon balls around  (or so it sounded) being fired over the Old Town of Marbella from around 08.00 am. We thought it was in honor to the old King Juan Carlos who had just abdicated the day before (June 2rd 2014) due to corruption and left the throne of Spain, to Crown Prince Felipe.

Around 11.00 am the “cannonballs” were so close that we could see the smoke from our windows, so we went outside to take a look – and it was not cannonballs, but an old man shooting firework (by hand!) up in the air. A few meters from us, was two beautiful police horses, who were very well behaved, as they did not move a muscle when the firework went off, again and again and again.

El Rocío Marbella

Shooting firework up in the air by a handheld device.


El Rocío Marbella

Two Spanish Police Horses



Despite fireworks and hundreds of people, the horses were extremely well behaved!


El Rocío is one of the most colorful festivals in Spain, which are clearly seen in the dresses

El Rocío is one of the most colorful festivals in Spain, which are clearly seen in the dresses


Most of the stick that the people in the festival is walking with, is covered in silver and gold.

Most of the stick that the people in the festival is walking with, is covered in silver and gold.


The Bulls!

The Bulls!



The man in front of the bulls, with the flat black hat is in control of “Las Carretas del Rocío” which is covered in Silver


Amazing – and a bit scary!



I wonder how much each bull weight?



The carriage is beautiful and covered with flowers



Turning down Avenida Miguel Cano towards the sea



It is HUGE!!


The smell of bull (cow) reminds me of my childhood on a farm, but I was never allowed this close to the bulls, so it was quite scary actually!


But the bulls seemed to be very calm, just like Ferdinand the Bull :)

Parking in Marbella City Center

Parking in Marbella

If you choose to park your car in the street in Marbella there’s a few things you need to keep in mind.

First if all the streets are narrow and the driving culture in Spain is a bit ‘rough’. Meaning other people parking near or driving by your car can hit it and they don’t care. So park as close to the sidewalk as possible and fold in your mirrors. If you are driving a rental car make sure your insurance is covering dents and scratches as you can easily get one.

Second thing you need to be aware if is the color of the lines where you park. White lines means free parking, green and blue means you have to pay. This is done in one of the machines by the street and you can pay a maximum of 1,5€ at a time and depending on the street where you are parking, the time you get for the 1,5€ vary.

Third thing to keep in mind is that it can be hard to find a free spot so you might have to circle around a few times to locate one.

Have you already gotten a parking ticket? Then look here for advice on how to pay it, with a discount. 

Parking in Marbella City Center

Parking in Marbella City Center

St. Patricks Festival in Marbella

In 2013 the Irish community of Marbella finally stuck their heads together and decided that Marbella should not be without a Saint Patricks Day Festival! When they can color the river of Chicago Emerald Green each year, Marbella can at least have a St. Patricks Festival, and so it happend that St. Patricks Festival in Marbella became a reality!

St. Patrick Days is always on March 17th, in 2014 it is on a monday, but as the Irish really can’t stick their heads together without a pint or two (just like us Danes!) St. Patricks Day will be celebrated with dance, music and entertainment for all age groups on Saturday and Sunday March 15 and 16th from 12.00 pm till 7 pm (each day) on The Terraces de Puerto Deportivo de Marbella.

On Terraces de Puerto Deportivo there is a huge playground for the kiddies to have fun and the pavement is great for rollerskating or skateboarding, so there is something for everybody, irish or not.

If you want to follow the Irish people of Marbella and keep track of all the green stuff they pull, you can like their Facebook Page here and remember to check back next year to see what will be going on in 2015 on Saint Patricks Day Festival in Marbella.

Ralli Museum, Marbella – Spain

Harry Recanati, the founder of the 5 Ralli Museums in the world, was born in Salonika, Greece in 1919. He made his fortune by becoming a banker at age 26, after his fathers death.

The first Ralli Museum was build in Punta del Este (Uruguay) the second in Santiago de Chile (Chile) After that the next Ralli Museums were build in Caesarea (Israel) and Marbella (Spain) and then a second museum in Caesarea (Israel) All Museums show contemporary Latin American art.

The 5 museums are all open to the public free of charge, to allow everybody to enjoy art as much as Harry Recanati did. The Foundation and the Ralli Museums are not supported by donations or subsidies from public or private institutions.

Opening hours

Sundays & Mondays CLOSED.

Tuesday – Saturday Open from 10.00 am to 2 pm. 

Before going to the Museum, we always encourage you to check the opening hours at The Ralli Museums Website. 


Ralli Museum

Urbanization Coral Beach (between Puerto Banús and Marbella)
Rio Verde
Ctr. Nac. 340, km 176

Telephone: (0034) 952 85 79 23

Tourist Informations in Marbella

There are several Tourist Informations in and around Marbella, here is a overview with map, addresses and opening hours (summer/winter) If you find that there are changes in the information we have provided, please leave us a comment so we can check up on it.

Tourist Information on The Oranges Square

Tourist Information Plaza de los Naranjos (Next to the City Hall)

Plaza de Los Naranjos s/n
29601 Marbella

Telephone: (0034) 952 761 197

Opening Hours – Summer Time

Monday – Friday: 8.30 am – 8.30pm
Saturday + Public Holidays: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Opening Hours – Winter Time

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 8.00pm
Saturday + Public Holidays: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED


Tourist Information on The Paseo of Marbella

Tourist Information on Playa Fontanilla

Glorieta de la Fontanilla s/n
29602 Marbella

Telephone: (0034) 952 771 442

Opening Hours – Summer Time

Monday – Friday: 9.00 am – 9.00pm
Saturday + Public Holidays: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Opening Hours – Winter Time

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 8.30pm
Saturday + Public Holidays: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED


Tourist Information Puerto Banús

Tourist Information on Plaza Antonio Banderas

Plaza Antonio Banderas
29660 Puerto Banús

Telephone: (0034) 952 818 902

Opening Hours – Summer Time

Monday – Friday: 9.00 am – 9.00pm
Saturday + Public Holidays: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Opening Hours – Winter Time

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 8.30pm
Saturday + Public Holidays: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED


Tourist Information San Pedro Alcántara

Tourist Information in San Pedro

Marqués del Duero 69
29670 San Pedro

Telephone: (0034) 952 785 252

Opening Hours – Summer Time

Monday – Friday: 9.00 am – 9.00pm
Saturday + Public Holidays: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Opening Hours – Winter Time

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 8.30pm
Saturday + Public Holidays: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Weather in Marbella

One of the really good reasons for going to Marbella is the fact that the weather in Marbella is extremely mild, with average temperatures of 19°C all year-round as Marbella city stands between the coastline and the Sierra Blanca Mountains. While you stay in Marbella you will enjoy an appealing micro-climate, with lots of sun.

The buildings in Marbella store the heat during the sunny days, which makes Marbella a warmer place than the rest of the cities along the Coastal Region, as the houses and therefor the streets are warmer in the evening which makes the Marbella evenings the warmest, all year around.

Average Temperature


Average High and Low Temperature


Average Sea Temperature


Average Daily Sunshine Hours


Weather in Marbella right now

Airport bus stop

Transportation to Marbella from Malaga Airport.

If you fly into Malaga Airport (Airport Code: AGP) there are several ways to get airport transfer from the airport to Marbella – and of course the price varies depending of what kind of transportation you choose.

Airport Bus 

Airport bus stopThe cheapest way, is to take the Airport Bus. It is parked right outside the terminal where all passengers gets out, no matter what flight you have arrived with. When you come out of the terminal, there are benches on your right hand side, where people mostly sit and smoke. In front of you you’ll see the escalators to the top level of the airport and to the parking garages for cars.

Walk straight ahead, towards the escalators and you’ll see the bus stop for the Airport Bus. There are a few different busses, but it is easy to see which one you are going to take, as it clearly says “Marbella” on the front of the bus. If you still have doubts, ask the drive. Even if you do not speak Spanish, you can still say “Marbella??” and look like  a question mark in your face and the driver will for sure know what you mean.

It is possible to buy the tickets in advance, but often you won’t have much time between arriving and the bus departures – and it leaves on time, even thought everything else in Spain is not on time! But it also runs on a frequently schedule, so if you miss the bus, there will be a new one real soon.

The price is 8€ pr. person. The driver do not take credit cards, only cash and again he is not happy with 50€ bills or anything bigger than 20€ bills, so remember that when if you exchange money from home. Bring small bills or coins for the bus.

The Airport Bus from Malaga Airport, takes the toll highway, and do not make any stops on the way, so it takes around 20-30 minutes to get from the Airport to Marbella Bus Station, where the bus stops. From here it is a 5-7€ taxi drive to Marbella city center and to our apartments, depending on which one you have booked. Please be aware that if you have booked our apartment in the Old Town of Marbella, you’ll always have to walk the last bit, as there are no cars allowed inside the old town.

The taxis are parked outside the bus station at all hours, on your left hand side when you get out of the building. Now a days all taxi drivers take credit cards, or they should – so it is a good idea to bring some cash.

You can find the schedule and buy tickets at



Another way to get from Malaga Airport to Marbella is by taxi. There are plenty of taxies waiting outside the terminal where all passengers comes out, no matter what flight you have arrived with. When you come out of the terminal, there are benches on your right hand side, where people mostly sit and smoke.

Walk right, past the benches – or stop for a minute and have a smoke if you feel like it – and you’ll see all the taxies in line, at all hours right in front of you. If there should’t be any taxies there, for instant in the high season, just get in line and wait for one to arrive, it won’t take long.

Taking a taxi from Malaga Airport to Marbella is however quite an expensive way of transportation. First of all, the price is often between 85-100€ pr. taxi and second, you can only be 4 people in most taxies in Spain, so if you arrive a lot of people together, it’s going to be even more expensive. It is also not prohibited by law in Spain, that children should be in car seats or chair, so if you are bringing a child, they’ll have to sit alone on the seat or on your lap, which potential cold be dangerous, when going on the highway.

We do however have contact to one small taxi company from Marbella who does the trip a lot cheaper and who are in every way unique from other Spanish taxi companies. First of all they have special cars for disabled people with a lift on the back of the car, and room to take an electrical wheelchair into the back of the taxi. Even if you don’t need that, it’s a huge plus that someone have thought that far, as to buy the facilities to drive disabled people around!

Second, this company always drives around with children’s car seats or cushion for most ages, and if you book in advance, they’ll make sure to bring the size and amount that you need, to the airport when they pick you up. The company also have a car with room for 6 people, including luggage – and the trip, from Malaga Airport to Marbella (depending on where you are getting off) is 60€ – which in any way, is a lot cheaper than any other company that we know of. A huge bonus is that both drivers speaks a little English. The trip from Malaga Airport to Marbella, take around 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

A small but cheap and reliable taxi company in Marbella.

A small but cheap and reliable taxi company in Marbella.

Car Rental

Another way to get to Marbella from Malaga Airport is to rent a car, with one of the many many car rental companies that are all in some way located either in the airport or close by. If the company have office and pick up outside the airport, they always send a car to pick you up and take you, and your luggage to their offices.

It is therefor always a real good idea to check up on where your rental car company is located, before you arrive. If it is one of the big companies, they are probably located inside the airport and you will then just have to follow the “Car Rental Pickup” signs inside the terminals.

If you have rented from one of the smaller companies, they will either be waiting for you in the exit terminal with a sign with your name on or you’ll have to walk out to the area, where all rental companies pick up guests who have rented a car with them.

When you walk out the main terminal – where all passengers comes out, no matter what flight they have arrived with, you go to the right. Past the benches with the smoking people, past the taxi lines and follow the curves around till you see an endless line of small mini busses with different company logos on the sides. Find the company you have booked from, get in and let them take you to your car.

However, there is a BIG however no matter what company you have rented your car at – except if it is one of the huge American Rental Car services like AVIS and Hertz (who are always more expensive) In Spain there is this annoying culture where it seems like all rental car companies are trying to outdo each other, in cheating the customers, who are tourists, the most.

And you’ll never know, until you have arrived.

Imagine this, you are tired after a long day of transportation, flying, traveling etc. You have acing arms because of your luggage, it is 30 degrees outside, perhaps you are hungry and thirsty and perhaps you are bringing impatient children. Perhaps you arrive in the middle of the night. Either way, when you arrive the car rental company will try to cheat you into first, buying an extra insurance, as they will claim the one you have at home or the one you have already booked is not enough. Some places they won’t even give you the keys for the car before you pay, lets say 100€ extra, on top of what you have already paid for an extra insurance, as it is “company policy” – which you did’t know about before you arrived, as it is written no where or if it is written somewhere, then it is well hidden.

The other way they will try to cheat you for more money is one of the classic ones, that we ourself have tried every single time we have booked a car for friends or family. It never ever fails. Sometimes they even do both, take more money for insurance and then this one, gas money!

Gas money you might think? Yes gas money! We have never ever rented a car, where we did not have to pay for one full tank of gas, upon arrival to pick up the car. It is never stated in the papers when you book the car, but you’ll be presented with this extra bill, when you pick the car up. The price for one tank of gas, no matter the rental car is always minimum 100€, sometimes it is 120€ or 150€, but be sure, it will be at least 100€. (Unless you rent from Hertz or AVIS) And when you return the car, you have to return it with a full tank of gas (most of the times) which means that the company always makes gas money, extra on top of the rental price.

So imagine this, you have just arrived, it’s nearly midnight on a hot summer night in Spain. You got 2 children with you, who are so overdue on bedtime that they can hardly walk, as they of course had to stay awake during the entire exciting flight. Your significant other are there with you, and you both know that all you want to do now, is to go get the car and drive straight to your apartment, and go to bed. The car is booked and paid in advance so all you have to do is to pick it up.

At the counter you are first presented with the extra insurance that the company demands you to buy, perhaps you argue with them for a bit, but then gives up, as they either do not speak anything but Spanish or because your children are as tired as you are. Then, when you finally think “Okay I must have not seen that extra insurance thing before I booked, but let’s just get the car” the person behind the counter asks for your credit card again and want’s to swipe an extra 100€ (or more!) on top of the already paid for car booking, the booking fee and the suddenly extra insurance…

Your significant other will at this point be starring at you wheezing “I thought you had everything under control from home!”

And there is nothing you can do, except walk away with no car and no refund – as you most of the time book the cars through an affiliated site or through a broker, meaning a site not directly controlled by the car rental company, and that is not really an option at this point, is it?

So, what we suggest is that you either book through one of the big companies like AVIS and Hertz. They don’t cheat you, but they are expensive. Or that you use this small very see through car rental company that we ourself found, after many many overpriced episodes!

The company is so small, that they do not even have an office at the airport or near the airport. They are located in Calahonda, but they will meet you with a sign in the airport and walk you to your rental car, simply giving you the keys.

When you are going home, you simply park the car at one of the airports paying parking areas, leave the ticket for the parking inside the car, roll the window down a little, get out, lock the car and slide the keys through the open window. You then take a picture of the car and send on a text to the company, so they know where it is parked and they’ll take it from there. If your phone can not send pictures, you simply write a text saying what number the car is parked on and that’s it. Simple. Easy.

The company is called Fetajo  and just by reading the front page on their site, you can see that they are well aware of how other rental companies do business, and that they do not want to be compared with them. Normally you pay pr. day for renting a children’s cushion at other companies, a cushion that cost maximu 10€ in any shop. At Fetajo you pay a one time fee for the entire rental period.

It is very easy to book and use Fetajo and we can only recommend that you do not get attracted by other companies, because they seem cheaper – in the end you’ll end up paying more, because of the hidden “must pay” fees.


MarBella6 Car Rental

If you are feed up with cheating companies and the rental “Fiat Panda or similar” car lottery, you can book one of our Marbella6 Rental Cars. We got no hidden fees and the car you see on the pictures, is the car you are going to get. To see more click here