El Rocío – Marbella

Every year, in the weeks up to the seventh sunday after Easter (ending on Pentecost Monday) a small village in the Huelva- province named El Rocío is filled with millions of millions of pilgrims from all across Spain and abroad. It is the start of the biggest Pilgrim walk in Spain.

But since not everybody can go to the city of El Rocío, most towns and villages has its own pilgrimages, where they celebrate their own local Saint, Virgin or Local figure, today it is in Marbella (June 3rd 2014)

The festival is ending on Monday June 9th (2014) which is also known as Pentecost Monday.

If you want to read more about El Rocío in general and see the dates for each year, you can always look at this website .

In Marbella, the day started with cannon balls around  (or so it sounded) being fired over the Old Town of Marbella from around 08.00 am. We thought it was in honor to the old King Juan Carlos who had just abdicated the day before (June 2rd 2014) due to corruption and left the throne of Spain, to Crown Prince Felipe.

Around 11.00 am the “cannonballs” were so close that we could see the smoke from our windows, so we went outside to take a look – and it was not cannonballs, but an old man shooting firework (by hand!) up in the air. A few meters from us, was two beautiful police horses, who were very well behaved, as they did not move a muscle when the firework went off, again and again and again.

El Rocío Marbella

Shooting firework up in the air by a handheld device.


El Rocío Marbella

Two Spanish Police Horses



Despite fireworks and hundreds of people, the horses were extremely well behaved!


El Rocío is one of the most colorful festivals in Spain, which are clearly seen in the dresses

El Rocío is one of the most colorful festivals in Spain, which are clearly seen in the dresses


Most of the stick that the people in the festival is walking with, is covered in silver and gold.

Most of the stick that the people in the festival is walking with, is covered in silver and gold.


The Bulls!

The Bulls!



The man in front of the bulls, with the flat black hat is in control of “Las Carretas del Rocío” which is covered in Silver


Amazing – and a bit scary!



I wonder how much each bull weight?



The carriage is beautiful and covered with flowers



Turning down Avenida Miguel Cano towards the sea



It is HUGE!!


The smell of bull (cow) reminds me of my childhood on a farm, but I was never allowed this close to the bulls, so it was quite scary actually!


But the bulls seemed to be very calm, just like Ferdinand the Bull :)

Ralli Museum, Marbella – Spain

Harry Recanati, the founder of the 5 Ralli Museums in the world, was born in Salonika, Greece in 1919. He made his fortune by becoming a banker at age 26, after his fathers death.

The first Ralli Museum was build in Punta del Este (Uruguay) the second in Santiago de Chile (Chile) After that the next Ralli Museums were build in Caesarea (Israel) and Marbella (Spain) and then a second museum in Caesarea (Israel) All Museums show contemporary Latin American art.

The 5 museums are all open to the public free of charge, to allow everybody to enjoy art as much as Harry Recanati did. The Foundation and the Ralli Museums are not supported by donations or subsidies from public or private institutions.

Opening hours

Sundays & Mondays CLOSED.

Tuesday – Saturday Open from 10.00 am to 2 pm. 

Before going to the Museum, we always encourage you to check the opening hours at The Ralli Museums Website. 


Ralli Museum

Urbanization Coral Beach (between Puerto Banús and Marbella)
Rio Verde
Ctr. Nac. 340, km 176

Telephone: (0034) 952 85 79 23
E-mail: marbella@rallimuseums.org

Weather in Marbella

One of the really good reasons for going to Marbella is the fact that the weather in Marbella is extremely mild, with average temperatures of 19°C all year-round as Marbella city stands between the coastline and the Sierra Blanca Mountains. While you stay in Marbella you will enjoy an appealing micro-climate, with lots of sun.

The buildings in Marbella store the heat during the sunny days, which makes Marbella a warmer place than the rest of the cities along the Coastal Region, as the houses and therefor the streets are warmer in the evening which makes the Marbella evenings the warmest, all year around.

Average Temperature


Average High and Low Temperature


Average Sea Temperature


Average Daily Sunshine Hours


Weather in Marbella right now

MarBella6 Car rental

We are probably the most unlucky people, when it comes to the rental car lottery!

Every single time it says “Fiat Panda or similar” we always get a old Fiat Panda with no engine and we are to this day still wondering what type of car a “or similar” is?

That’s why we have decided to offer you the opportunity to rent one of MarBella6’s cars. We got no hidden gas fees or extra insurance. What you see is what you rent and the price are as stated. All our cars have names, and a history behind, look below and decide which one suits your needs while on vacation in Marbella.

All our cars can be rented by drivers age 18 and up with a valid drivers license, there will however be an extra charge, from age 18 to 26 as that is what our insurance company demands.

Inga Egely aka Nissan Micra 1,3. 1997

IngaThis is our very first rental car – and we love her!

Inga Egely got her name because my mother-in-law have a car identical to this one, at home in Jutland, Denmark. Her car is named Greta after the previous owner who was an old woman. My parents-in-law lives on a farm called “Egely” which straight translated means “Oaks Shelter”. When buying a car, a identical twin car, we of course had to come up with a great name that would match the name of the twin car in Denmark.
150 years ago we figured a set of twin girls easily could have been named Greta and Inga. So, this is Inga Egely

She is burgundy colored, with a bit of sun burn. Her previous owner died and she had been left in the steaming sun for a year, when we bought her. Less than 24 hours after we had picked her up, we took her for a simple 35€ oil filter change – we got her back 2 days later with 4 new tires and a bill ringing 1700€ (!) so we just know she won’t quit on us anytime soon!

Inga’s Features

  • Radio with CD player
  • Automatic gear shift
  • Air condition
  • Heating
  • 35 Liter Gas tank
  • Drives around 14,3 km pr. liter
  • Runs on Petrol Unleaded 95
  • Power windows
  • Spare tire in the trunk
  • 4 New tires
  • New Breaks
  • New car mats front and back
  • New windshield wipers front and back
  • New back light glass
  • New Oil filter
  • 5 doors
  • Central lock
  • Passengers Capacity 5
  • Seatbelt for 5 people

Inga’s Prices

  • Price pr. day: 16€
  • Price pr. week: 100€
  • Refundable security deposit: 300€

All prices includes

  • Basic Insurance
  • 2 Drivers of the Car
  • Unlimited Kilometers
  • Free Airport delivery and drop off
  • 18% Spanish rental taxes

Drop her off after the rental period, with the same amount of gas as when you picked her up, and we are even. If you are between 18-26 years, there will be an extra fee from our insurance company, contact us with your details and we’ll check the fee price for you, as it various depending on your age.

To rent a car from us, we need a copy of a valid passport and a valid drivers license on the people who are going to drive the car, in the rental period, like you also need to sign the rental contract.

Children’s Car Seat & GPS Navigator

  • Children’s Booster Cushions (15 kg – 36 kg) 5€ pr. cushion pr. rental periode.
  • Car Seat (0 kg – 10 kg) 5€ pr. seat pr. rental periode.
  • Car Seat (9 kg – 18 kg) 5€ pr. seat pr. rental periode.
  • Portable Navigator GPS 20€ pr. rental periode.

Flea Market in Marbella – and all of Spain!

If you like us are totally and utterly into markets, wether it is old antique, useless things or artists selling their latest work, you must not cheat yourself of visiting one of the largest flea markets on the entire Costa del Sol Coastline!

It’s official name is Nueva Andalucia Artisan Market and it takes place every sunday morning with more than 120 stalls and it is possible to buy everything from hand carved furnitures, homemade soap, Spanish cooking pots made of clay to used books, bikes and boats. There’s also a big selection of antiques, textiles, paintings, spices and other type of food, so if you are looking for a cheap unique souvenir to bring home, this is a great place to shop.

The marked is located next to the Bullring in Puerto Banus, a 8€ taxi drive from Marbella – and no, it is not possible to miss it, if you aim for the Bullring on Avenida Manolete in Puerto Banus. 120 stalls don’t go unseen! The place is surrounded by local bars and tapas restaurants where you can relax from the buzz or just sit and do a lot of people watching!

The market is open from 09.00 pm till 14.00 pm.

If you are looking for additional markets in the area around Marbella – or anywhere in Andalusia or Spain, then take a look at this official market website for all of Spain. Simply click on the area where you want to go bargain hunting – but keep in mind, there are just as many non-official markets in Spain as there are officials!

You can even choose to get the markets in a certain area on a certain day displayed. For instant, if you have chosen monday as your market day, just pick monday in the calendar on the website and all the markets that are registered for that upcoming monday in your area, will be shown.

Have a GREAT bargain hunting!