King Abdulaziz Mosque in Marbella

Just along the Highway N-340 in Marbella, out on Golden Mile you’ll see this stunning Mosque built by Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia, as the first mosque to be build after the Christians recaptured Spain in the fifteenth century and subsequent expulsion of the Moors from the Spanish continent.

The mosque was build to attend all the Muslim people living in and around Marbella. It is said that the mosque houses a selection of 30.000 books focusing on Koranic studies, and that it can hold service to more than 800 people. Beside the library and stunning iconic garden it also houses the Imam.

The Mosque is build by Córdoban Architect Juan Mora, inspired by contemporary Arabic Architecture.

We have been told that the mosque is open to public on saturdays to wednesdays 5 pm to 7 pm, but we haven’t been able to confirm this.

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