Flea Market in Marbella – and all of Spain!

If you like us are totally and utterly into markets, wether it is old antique, useless things or artists selling their latest work, you must not cheat yourself of visiting one of the largest flea markets on the entire Costa del Sol Coastline!

It’s official name is Nueva Andalucia Artisan Market and it takes place every sunday morning with more than 120 stalls and it is possible to buy everything from hand carved furnitures, homemade soap, Spanish cooking pots made of clay to used books, bikes and boats. There’s also a big selection of antiques, textiles, paintings, spices and other type of food, so if you are looking for a cheap unique souvenir to bring home, this is a great place to shop.

The marked is located next to the Bullring in Puerto Banus, a 8€ taxi drive from Marbella – and no, it is not possible to miss it, if you aim for the Bullring on Avenida Manolete in Puerto Banus. 120 stalls don’t go unseen! The place is surrounded by local bars and tapas restaurants where you can relax from the buzz or just sit and do a lot of people watching!

The market is open from 09.00 pm till 14.00 pm.

If you are looking for additional markets in the area around Marbella – or anywhere in Andalusia or Spain, then take a look at this official market website for all of Spain. Simply click on the area where you want to go bargain hunting – but keep in mind, there are just as many non-official markets in Spain as there are officials!

You can even choose to get the markets in a certain area on a certain day displayed. For instant, if you have chosen monday as your market day, just pick monday in the calendar on the website and all the markets that are registered for that upcoming monday in your area, will be shown.

Have a GREAT bargain hunting!