Got a parking ticket in Marbella?

Have you been so unfortunate and received a little white slip, stuck under your windshield, also known as a parking ticket in Marbella?



Well that is annoying, but in Marbella it is so, that if you pay the parking tickets before it is send to the address where the car is registered at, it will be reduced with 50% from the original 50€ to 25€. Now that is good news!

Only thing is, that it’s a bit of a long process, so get it done early in the morning and follow these steps. Each link contains a picture that links to the explanation:

  1. Take the slip to Avenida Ricardo Soriano 68. On the corner of the building you will see big blue signs with white writing where it says “Diputación de Málaga – Patronato de Recadacion”. There is parking outside the building, if you can not find any free spots, you can park at the underground parking at the supermarket Mercadona, which is just next door (almost)
  2. In August 2016 the opening hours were like this: 09.00 am to 13.30pm. (If you find that they have changed, please let me know, by sending an update to Come early as the queue can get quite long during the daytime.
  3. When you get inside, you have to get a number from the number machine on the left hand of the entrance. Choose the second option from the top, which is “Atención Integral”
  4. When it is your turn, you will get 2 pieces of papers, which you then need to take to the bank, to pay. And it can not be any bank, there is a list of banks on the papers, which you can choose from. On the 2 pieces of paper you can now see, that your ticket have been reduced to 25€ – however you still have to pay this in the bank within 4 days, or it will be invalid and you will be back to the 50€.
  5. If you go to the BBVA Bank, you can pay the ticket directly in the ATM machine by the entrance. There is a BBVA Bank on Plaza de Africa, in the Old Town (easy walking access) You can of course also use one of the other banks listed on the papers, however please note that some of the banks have quirky rules for when you can pay (between this and this hour or only on tuesdays etc.)


If you find any of this above information to be outdated or incorrect, feel free to send me a quick email on, so I can update it asap. (Updated on May 2rd 2018)

Avoid getting a parking ticket in Marbella

If you want to avoid getting parking tickets in the future,  you can download this app for smartphones which the City of Marbella uses – it is good for both iPhones and Android.


Only catch with this one is, that it is not all countries App Stores which can download the app – in 2014 it was only if you had access to the Spanish App Store. In 2016 you can also download it from the Danish App Store and perhaps other.

Once downloaded – you have to registre as a user. That again can be a bit tricky, as you need to have a DNI/CIF/NIE number, which again eliminates (most) tourists as users. The entire app and set-up is in Spanish, so if you are not able to read through the app, I would recommend to sit in front of a computer with google translate open.

I used 28 minutes to download and registre (with a NIE) and still I did not manage to get the app working – but I do know people who use it – and I use other parking apps on a regular basic, just not in Marbella or in Spain, so if you can get it up and running, it is really useful.

App Store

It takes quite some time to open, after it have been downloaded.

It takes quite some time to open, after it have been downloaded.

Got this far? Now you have to registre your car and then your credit card.

Got this far? Now you have to registre your car and then your credit card.

If you like me, have given up on this parking app, you can park for free at some designated areas in Marbella, take a look here.